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About Us

Medway Tattoo & Piercing Centre is situated at 392 Rochester High Street, (the Chatham end!), approximately a quarter mile from Rochester train station, and about half a mile from Chatham train station. Both stations are on the main line from London.
Its location, on the corner of Gundulph Rd. And the High St is hard to miss, as it has a frontage of about 110ft!. The Victorian building has massive windows, which give the studio a bright and airy feel, and of course lots of natural daylight to tattoo and draw by!
This was to be our first studio, and we opened our door on 20/04/2000, after an extensive refit, mostly done by us, after work!
Our brief was to make the studio bright, clean, friendly, honest and open. I think we achieved that!


The street door opens into the large reception area, ruled over by the reception girls; Vanessa, Kim, and Aimee.
All our Tattoo flash designs are in 30, A3 size display books, with 48 pages per book, that’s well over 1000 pages of A3 flash on display. I hate flash on the walls; it always looks grubby to me. There is also a photo album on display for each resident artist; Nic and Tich. (see their portfolio’s for examples of work). We find it helps our customers to see designs actually on skin as well as on paper. We encourage customers to pick the artist to work on them, or we will advise one artist over another, based on their speciality in that subject or style.
Also on display is a photo album of Zakh’s piercing work, and a large display cabinet with an extensive range of piercing jewellery to view. We are currently expanding our range of organic jewellery, as we have found the more natural materials give fewer problems in some piercings.
A double-glazed 8ft x 4ft window looks directly into the Tattoo work area. Each of our resident artists has their own working area, with separate sinks and facilities. We all prefer this open studio design, as it allows the artists to view other styles, allow the customers to see other work being done, and encourages the camaraderie and team spirit in all of them. The constant stream of jokes and banter are a free bonus!!!
All the Tattoo areas can be screened off for privacy.
The stairs up lead to our drawing and computer area. The computer is mainly used for lettering and word art. It enables us to quickly produce names and words in any size in many fonts, but Old English is still the most popular! The PC is also used to find art on the www. This is of course the world’s largest art source now.
The stairs down lead to the cellar, with its various storage areas.
Off the Tattoo work area is the separate self-contained Piercing room. This is Zakh’s domain, and you had better not even think about going in there unless you are invited, and even then TOUCH NOTHING!
We have a plan to build 2 new cleaning rooms in the studio. They will be created on a new mezzanine floor at the top of the stairs. Hoping to finish these by the end of 2014.
You should be able to make out all these areas from the photos on our site.

Our pricing structure is at present based on £70 per hour. We have a £35 minimum charge. If you want to book an appointment with an artist, we want a deposit of £20 for every hour (in other words, if you want to book say 2 hours work, we need a £40 deposit). If you don’t show up the deposit is non refundable unless you notify us at least 24hrs in advance! We can design custom artwork for you, but require a deposit from you so we are not wasting our time!
The studio opened with a queue in 2000, and since then we have been building a good solid reputation, Tattooing everything from small hearts & flowers to full backs, full sleeves etc.
We do a few conventions every year, usually Gillingham, London, and Brighton . We have won a few things, but we ain’t trophy hunters!
The studio has an impressive customer base, some customers regularly travelling over 50 miles to see us. This is probably due to the fact that we have pride and integrity in our work, cut no corners and use the best materials and equipment, and have a team of highly talented artists, working together and pushing the boundaries. This in turn encourages other artists to come and see us! That’s how come we have had artists from Greece, New Zealand, Finland, Canada etc working with us!.

Our company motto is; Quality and hygiene guaranteed.

Remember; Good Tattoo’s ain’t cheap, and cheap Tattoo’s ain’t good!

Our Work

Work by Medway Tattoo and Piercing Centre
Work by Medway Tattoo and Piercing Centre
Work by Medway Tattoo and Piercing Centre
Work by Medway Tattoo and Piercing Centre
Work by Medway Tattoo and Piercing Centre
Work by Medway Tattoo and Piercing Centre
Work by Medway Tattoo and Piercing Centre
Work by Medway Tattoo and Piercing Centre

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